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Ask Erik Johnson Ask Erik Johnson: Conflict Solutions for Heart and Home
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Either Or: Over 400 Pithy Reminders That There Are At Least Two Solutions to Every Problem
Family: Cuzins' Kamp, Organize and Lead a Mini-Retreat for your Grandchildren
Paper cover, spiral bound, 58 pages. Chapters include, "What is Cuzins' Kamp?" "A Family Tree Needs Strong Roots," "Meals, Wheels, and Deals," "If Mom says No, Ask Grandma," "Teaching your Children's Children," and "Is there Live Without TV?" Based on the popular article by Erik in Focus on the Fami...
Marriage: Drought Time for Women
Marriage: Managing Marital Irritations (Free Digital copy)
Topics include: Types of Irritations, Types of Reactions, Four Types of Relationships, Changing YOU, Judging, Blaming, Trust, Sensitivity, Resiliency, Proverbs, and more. Price includes shipping and handling.
Marriage: Schismogenesis, A Light Hearted Lexicon of Marital Blunders
eBook to be downloaded. Don't let the unique title of this book throw you. It's a handy summary of over 100 (115 to be exact) ways we can damage marital harmony. An alphabetized and humorous cartoon compendium of complex psychological blunders, made easy to understood. Even if you're not married th...
Parenting: Attitude Problems in Teenagers: Sources, Resources, and Solutions
43 pages, plastic comb binding, paper cover. Contents include: relationship building ideas, conflicts teens face, clearing our consciences, getting strict (discipline that works--most of the time!), what's it like to live with you, resolving anger in families, minimize self defeating behaviors, emot...
Parenting: Building Bridges Between Parents and Teens
Paper cover, 56 pages, plastic spiral binding. Workbook used in Erik's popular seminar of the same name. Focusing on unmanaged anger, unresolved conflict, unreached family goals, and unhealthy relationships.
Parenting: Creativity, How to Foster it in Yourself and Your Kids
67 pages, paper cover, plastic comb binding, illustrated by the author. Topics include: Why creativity is important, graphic learning strategies (visual arts in the home), creativity boosters, humor, memory joggers, 10 steps to boost creativity, games to play, and more. Price includes shipping and h...
Parenting: Positive Parenting the Strong Willed Child and Teen
Paper cover, spiral bound, 40 pages. It's a sobering moment when a representative from Child Protective Services sits in your office with parents whose children have been removed from the home and they say, "Teach these parents to manage their kids without hitting them." Always one who loves a chall...
Pastor Amos in Parish Snatchers
8 pages of a 64 page graphic novel that never made it to print. Click on the cover to see a .pdf of all 8 pages.
Self Control: Parts, Increase Self Control by Understanding the Components of our Heart
108 pages. The most significant discoveries Erik's made in 30+ years as "physician of the soul" are summarized in this booklet. What others call "sub personalities," King David, Solomon, and St. Paul call "Parts." No other therapeutic technique has generated as much success, joy, and enthusiasm. To...
Stealth Drawings: The Existential Quandary of Being Looked At
The Effect of Ego Strength on Extramarital Involvement Among Protestant Clergy
Ph.D. thesis by Dr. Mitch Whitman, April, 2004 (Seattle Pacific University). 146 pages.
W1. Self Control: Anna the Banana Tree
8.5" x 5.5" stapled paper cover, 26 pages. If you found Shel Silverstein's boundaryless Giving Tree too vulnerable, here's the antidote. Anna The Banana Tree says "no" to being used. This satiric spoof of the classic children's book was a hit with those who first read it in 1998 and it still pleases...
X1. Cartoons: Which Reminds Me of Another Humorous Illustration (collection Vol. 1 of 7)
Vol 1 of the 7 volume series, "The Collected Works of Erik Johnson." 48 pages, 136 drawings published in a variety of Christian and secular magazines. Pastor Randy Pries, Family Life Pastor of Cornwall Church in Bellingham, WA writes, "With an observant eye, and great sense of humor, through this ...
X2. Cartoons: The Pastor Beside Himself (collection Vol. 2 of 7).
Vol. 2 of the 7 volume series, The Collected Works of Erik Johnson. Gag cartoons from a variety of Christian (and secular) magazines. 31 pages, 92 drawings. College ministry pastor Jim Schmotzer writes, "Erik understands ministry because he has lived it, and still loves it. It is refreshing to be ab...
X3. Cartoons: Paradoxology (collection Vol. 3 of 7)
Vol 3 of the 7 volume series, "The Collected Works of Erik Johnson." 16 pages, 41 cartoon gag drawings published in a variety of Christian (and a few secular) magazines mostly about the foibles of church life and ministry.
X4. Cartoons: Pawnward Christian Soldiers (collection Vol. 4 of 7)
Volume 4 (of a 7 part series), "The Collected Works of Erik Johnson." 70 gag cartoons (27 pages) on pastoral ministry, youth ministry, ministry marriage, boards, congregations, and more.
X5. Cartoons: Back Pew Driver (collection Vol. 5 of 7)
Volume 5 of the 7 book series, The Collected Gag Cartoons of Erik Johnson. 27 pages, 71 drawings about church life, ministry, pastoring, youth work, and miscellaneous. Popular Christian writer and speaker Gary Thomas writes, "Back Pew Driver is laugh-out-loud funny. Even better, Erik Johnson's comic...
X6. Cartoons: Working the Tangles (collection Vol. 6 of 7).
Volume 6 of the 7 volume series, The Collected Works of Erik Johnson. 44 pages, 108 drawings on church related themes.
X7. Cartoons: Felt Needs (collection Vol. 7 of 7).
Vol. 7 of 7 "The Collected Works of Erik Johnson." 26 pages, 74 gag cartoons.
X8. Cartoons: You're hired! 100 Gag Cartoons Welcoming You to the World of Professional Youth Ministry
32 pages, paper cover, plastic spiral binding. Erik gleaned his cartoon collection and pulled the best youth ministry cartoons published in Youth Worker Journal and other publications. Price includes shipping and handling.
Z1. Coloring book: Wally Invites a Teenager to Sunday School
8.5" x 11" stapled binding, 17 pages. Simple black and white line drawings for children age 5-10. Wally the 9 year old kid with character talks to a skateboarder about church.
Z2. Coloring book: Good Night, Wally
8.5" x 11" 8 pages, simple black and white line drawings for children ages 5-10 to color. Wally the nine year old kid with character finally stays in bed at night.
Z3. Coloring book: Good Boy, Wally
8.5" x 11" stapled binding, 9 pages. Wally the nine year odl kid with character, shares his food with Anna. Way to go, Wally!
Z4. Coloring book: Wally Cleans His Room
8.5" x 11" 11 pages, stapled binding. Nine year old Wally, the kid with character, learns what a hanger is for, cleans his room, and finds his favorite shoes. For children ages 5-10 to color.