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Products - Character Building

Adaptation: Adapting to Bumpy Roads
Assertiveness: Asking for What We Want
Assertiveness: Assertiveness vs. Passivity vs. Aggression
Cheerfulness: Joy Finder Wheel
7.5" single sided data wheel. With four movable base wheels this item can create 4096 different ways to experience joy. 16 bits of Proverbial wisdom help users replace 16 negative emotions with 16 positive emotions by developing 16 character traits. A "build it yourself" wheel: simply download, glue...
Cheerfulness: Tips from Solomon
Creativity. Reverse Brain Storming (free)
One page. Quickie worksheet unleashing new ways to look at problems and getting unstuck. A surprisingly simple yet profound way to get unstuck. Add this to your shopping cart for free. No charge.
Decisiveness: Decision Making Grid (free)
One page. Simple pro and con worksheet for evaluating decisions. Add to your shopping cart for no extra charge. It's free.
Decisiveness: Making Right Decisions
Decisiveness: SPINdecision: Solve Problems, Make Choices, Choose Options (wheel)
7.5" single sided wheel. A proven 8 step system to think through any tough decision. Steps include: clarify the problem, establish and prioritize criteria, brainstorm options, eliminate the undoable, create an action plan, impliment and evaluate. A "build it yourself" wheel: simply download, glue, c...
Discernment: Choosing Wise Friends
Discernment: Folly Spotter: Profiling Bad Character, Negative Attitudes, and Foolish People from the Book of Proverbs (wheel)
7.5" single sided data wheel. During WW II citizens were given enemy aircraft spotter wheels so they could identify from mere profile what kind of airplane was flying overhead. In this novel adaptation, users are given 24 profiles of bad characters, negative attitudes, and foolish people. While the ...
Engagement: Boredom, Calling, and Work
Engagement: Boredom: The Un-merry Go Round
Engagement: Conquering Boredom
Envy: Identify the Symptoms and Overcome the Problem of Envy (wheel)
7.5" double sided data wheel. 20 Bible verses to help users become servants, selfless, wise, content and more. A "build it yourself" wheel: simply download, glue, cut, and affix. Get the free Assembly Instructions to see how easy it is to build your own therapeutic information data wheel.
Humility: Humility, Not Arrogrance
Listening: Sound Listening: Control Your Brain by Training Your Ears (wheel)
7.5" double sided. Proverbs teaches there is a connection between our listening skills and our ability to concentrate. People with trained ears do 9 things, take 21 action steps, avoid 21 symptoms of untrained ears, and focus on 9 contributing factors to untrained ears. Ramp up your brain power by m...
Parenting: Creativity, How to Foster it in Yourself and Your Kids
67 pages, paper cover, plastic comb binding, illustrated by the author. Topics include: Why creativity is important, graphic learning strategies (visual arts in the home), creativity boosters, humor, memory joggers, 10 steps to boost creativity, games to play, and more. Price includes shipping and h...
Resiliency: Resiliency Quiz
Self Control: Parts, Increase Self Control by Understanding the Components of our Heart
108 pages. The most significant discoveries Erik's made in 30+ years as "physician of the soul" are summarized in this booklet. What others call "sub personalities," King David, Solomon, and St. Paul call "Parts." No other therapeutic technique has generated as much success, joy, and enthusiasm. To...
Sloth: SPindolence: Tips from Proverbs on Motivating the Unmotivated, Activating the Inactive, and Coping with the Loafing (wheel)
Trust: Exercise Our Trust Muscles