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Ask Erik Johnson Ask Erik Johnson: Conflict Solutions for Heart and Home
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Products - Marriage Topics

Blame: Overcome Blaming in Marriage
Communication: Ask For And Give Marital Emotional Support
Communication: Decision Making in Marriage
Communication: Six Communication Tasks
Conflict: Acceptance VS. Complaining in Marriage
Conflict: Boundaries and Equality Grid
Conflict: Evaluate Your Arguments
Conflict: How to Have a Miserable Marriage
Conflict: Marriage Conflict Resolution Grid
Conflict: Overcome Anger in Marriage
Conflict: Overcome Meanness in Marriage
Conflict: Overcome Triangles in Marriage
Conflict: Staying Calm in Marital Conflict
Conflict: Thoughts to Embrace About Marital Conflict
Conflict: What's Wrong with A Good Fight in Marriage?
Control: Closeness VS. Control
Control: When an Uncooperative Man Says You're a Controlling Woman
Control: When an Uncooperative Woman Says You're a Controlling Man
Defensiveness: Overcome Defensiveness in Marriage
Defensiveness: Overcome Self Justification in Marriage
Defensiveness: Overcome Walled Off Hearts
Divorce: Options to Divorce
Divorce: Predictors of Divorce
Divorce: Stages of Divorce
Expectations: Lowering Expectations
Focus: Baggage in Marriage
Focus: Overcome
Focus: Overcome
Focus: Things I Value, Things I Don't
Focus: Traits of a Healthy Marriage
Focus: What's Your Focus in Marriage?
Focus: Wise Marriage Proverbs Style
Fusion: Anxiety in Marriage
Fusion: Differences in Marriage Not a Bad Thing
Fusion: Differentiation in Marriage
Fusion: Emotional Fusion in Marriage
Fusion: Overcome Emotional Fusion
Fusion: Self Soothing in Marriage, Staying Calm
Influence: How To Influence Your Husband
Influence: How To Speak So Men Will Listen
Influence: My Partner Won't Change
Influence: When Your Spouse Resists Change
Insecurity: Can a Man Love a Woman Too Much?
Labeling: Overcome Negative Labling in Marriage
Marital Harmony Wheel #1
8", two sided data wheel. Side A gives ways to respond to situations that threaten marital harmony (anger, nagging, materialism, jealousy, lack of forgiveness, neglect, unfaithfulness, harshness). Side B suggests ways to adjust attitudes that threaten marital harmony (negativity, deception, worthles...
Marital Harmony Wheel #2
8", two sided data wheel. Side A identifies 8 situations that threaten marital harmony (clutter, impatience, drama, complaints, silence, rejection, correction, quirkiness). Side B lists 8 attitudes to change that threaten marital harmony (self righteousness, reactivity, avoidance, law breaking, impu...
Marital Harmony Wheel #3
8" two-sided data wheel. Side A lists 8 situations that threaten marital harmony (overly sensitive spouse, lack of clarity, criticism, abandonment, violence, denial, laziness, teasing). Side B lists 8 attitudes we can change that threaten marital harmony (need to be right, offensiveness, nagging, ir...
Marriage Maintainance (free)
Erik's Article from Focus on the Family from June/July 2009.
Marriage: Drought Time for Women
Marriage: Managing Marital Irritations (Free Digital copy)
Topics include: Types of Irritations, Types of Reactions, Four Types of Relationships, Changing YOU, Judging, Blaming, Trust, Sensitivity, Resiliency, Proverbs, and more. Price includes shipping and handling.
Marriage: Schismogenesis, A Light Hearted Lexicon of Marital Blunders
eBook to be downloaded. Don't let the unique title of this book throw you. It's a handy summary of over 100 (115 to be exact) ways we can damage marital harmony. An alphabetized and humorous cartoon compendium of complex psychological blunders, made easy to understood. Even if you're not married th...
Needs: 52 Needs in Marriage
Needs: Are You Married to an Imperfect Man?
Needs: Drought time: Help From Proverbs For The Emotionally Parched Woman (free)
Wives have taught me what they do that works when their emotional needs are unfulfilled. They've also taught me what DOESN'T work. A summary list of the 41 strategies they've taught me. (See Drought Time the book for elaboration).
Needs: Four Options for the Uncherished Wife
Needs: Kindness in Marriage
Needs: The Pleasing Mandate in Marriage
Needs: Unmet Needs in Marriage
Needs: Ways a Husband Shows Love
Needs: Ways a Wife Shows Love
Roles: A Husband's Job Description from God
Roles: Gender Roles in Marriage
Sex: Female Sexual Response
Sex: Male Sexual Response
Sex: Mismatched Sexual Desires
Sex: Sexual Difficulites in Marriage
Sex: Sexual Intimacy, Some Things to Consider
Sex: Sexual Relations in Marriage
Trust: Rebuild Trust the Proverbs Way